Does your group need a room for your meeting, rehearsal, class, or fellowship? Book a room at St. Catherine’s Parish Life Center (PLC). Read the guidelines below and fill out the PLC booking form.

Who Can Use the Parish Life Center?

Use of the Parish Life Center is limited to parish, diocesan, and St. Catherine of Siena school related activities. There is no fee for the use of the facility for meetings, rehearsals, classes, or fellowship. However, if the venue’s purpose is to raise funds for the parish or school, a donation of 10% of the net profit  shall be given to the parish.

What rooms are available?

We have 5 meeting rooms available at the Parish Life Center. Please schedule your events with the Facilities Manager in advance in order to get the room you need for your event.

  • St. Catherine Hall - Ground Floor

  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Room - 2nd Floor

  • St. Lawrence Ruiz Room - 2nd Floor

  • St. Joseph Room - 2nd Floor

  • St. Patrick Room - 2nd Floor

How do I Book a Room?

  1. The PLC Booking Form shall be completed by a lead minister or group leader and submitted to the parish office for approval and posting to the PLC master calendar by the Facility Scheduler. Please see the link at the bottom of this page.

  2. All events must end and all guests must exit the PLC by the time set forth in the PLC Booking Form agreement. No event will be allowed past 10:00 PM.

  3. If a booking is canceled or needs to be rescheduled, the Facility Scheduler must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled booking.  

  4. Arrangements to open the PLC are to be made with the Facility Manager prior to the day of use. 

  5. The use of a room(s) is limited to the specific room(s) requested and approved and does not extend to other rooms in the PLC, regardless of whether they are not in use.

  6. Storage of any items in the PLC closets and cabinets is not permitted. Storage space in the cabinets may be requested through the Facility Manager who will determine space availability and assign a cabinet(s). The closets in the PLC are permanently reserved for storage of parish items.

Meeting Room Rules and Policies 

  1. We are unable to accommodate certain events, such as funeral wakes/viewing, etc.

  2. The presence of illegal substances in the PLC or in any building or on the grounds of St. Catherine of Siena parish is prohibited.

  3. No underage drinking is permitted.

  4. Children are to be supervised at all times. Children are not allowed to play in the halls on the second floor, on the stage in the hall, on outside staircase, or in or around elevator.

  5.  Fire and insurance regulations prohibit smoking inside any area of the PLC.

  6. Exits doors are to be kept clear at all times.

  7. Only tacky (painters) tape may be used to attach signs and decorations on fixtures, furniture, walls or windows in the PLC, no exceptions.  The cost to repair any damage caused by using other material will be billed to the responsible group reserving the PLC.

  8. No food or beverage other than water may be consumed in the second-floorhalls or meeting rooms. Please put empty water bottles in the recycle cans

  9. Tables, chairs and countertops are to be wiped down, if necessary.  Containers of wipes are provided in the meeting rooms for this purpose. 

  10. No tables, chairs or equipment may be removed from the hall or meeting rooms without the prior approval of the Facility Manager.  

  11.  If the hall or any room is left dirty, a $100 cleaning charge may be assessed.Before leaving, users are expected to:  

    • return tables and chairs to their original position;

    • remove all signs, decorations, tape residue, centerpieces, and meeting materials;  

    • adjust window blinds in second floor rooms to upward position to prevent dust collecting on the slats;  

    • check that the thermostat is OFF;

    • turn off lights; and, 

    • close and lock (if required) all doors.  

Kitchen Rules and Policies

  1. All food cooking must be done through an outside source. The stove and oven is available for warming purposes only.

  2.  The supplies stored in the kitchen are for parish use only. Please do not use or remove any supplies from the cabinets or drawers.

  3. Do not store any items in kitchen cabinets or drawers unless the Kitchen

  4.  Manager has designated a cabinet or drawer for your ministry or group’s own use.

  5. Kitchen equipment such as pans, utensils, etc., as well as cleaning products may be used.  No kitchen equipment may be removed from the kitchen without the prior approval of the Kitchen Manager.  

  6. The refrigerator and freezer are available for use. No food or beverages may be left overnight, unless special arrangements have been made with the Kitchen Manager, otherwise the items will be disposed of. When you remove your food items from either unit, please clean up any spills.  

  7. Before leaving, users are expected to:

    • Clean the stove and oven;

    • Turn off oven/stove and other electric equipment used;

    • Wash parish pots, pans, or utensils used;

    • Clean all counter surfaces. 

    • Empty all garbage cans and insert new plastic liners.

    • Sweep and mop the floor (cleaning supplies are available in the kitchen).

    • Turn off the lights;

    • Check that thermostat is off; and,

    • Close and lock door when leaving.  


  1.  The lead minister or group leader is responsible for the safety of their group.

  2. If electrical cords or cables have been re-routed for your use, make certain they are taped down or covered.  

  3. Emergency response procedures/evacuation plans are posted in each room.

Book Now

Please fill out the booking form return it to the parish office in person or via email. The parish staff will contact you to confirm your booking.