St. Catherine’s Religious Education Program provides the parents of St. Catherine’s Parish with a partnership in the faith formation of their children that do not attend St. Catherine’s School or who are new to the school and in need of Sacrament Preparation classes.

Our program classes run from September through May of each school year.

Sacrament preparation classes require a minimum attendance of two consecutive years.

Children who have not been Baptized

Students age 7 — 17 who have not been baptized will enroll in the RCIA Adapted for Children.

1st Grade — 1st year Confirmation

Students age 6 — 17 years who have been baptized, but still have not received First Holy Communion or Confirmation will enroll in our regular sacramental preparation classes.

Class Schedule

Grades 1 — 5, and 6th grade First Holy Communion classes are held every Monday 4:00pm — 5:15pm.

Grades 6 — 8, and High School 1st year Confirmation classes are held every Monday: 7:00pm — 8:15pm.

How to Register

  • Registrations are by appointment only.

  • Families must be registered parishioners, supporting the parish both financially and spiritually.

  • Weekly Mass attendance is required and will need a weekly verification signature.

  • Parish Children will not be turned away for ongoing faith formation due to financial difficulties.

  • All registrations after August 31st are considered late and will pay a $25.00 late fee.

  • Each student in 1st grade through 1st year of Confirmation, at the registration appointment, must have a copy of these documents on file at the parish office:

    • Birth Certificate 

    • Baptism Certificate

    • Registration Fee:

      • $90.00 per year for one child (cash or check)

      • $75.00 for each additional sibling (cash or check)


2nd Year Confirmation

Class Schedule

2nd year Confirmation classes are held every Monday 7:00pm — 8:30pm.

How to Register

  • Registrations are by appointment only.

  • Classes for students in 2nd year of Sacrament of Confirmation (9th grade and up), at time of registration, in addition to paying their fee, must complete the following:

    • Sacrament of Confirmation Registration Form (with chosen Saint Name)

    • Birth Certificate

    • Baptism Certificate

    • 1st Holy Communion Certificate

    • Approved Sponsor Verification Form

    • Confirmation Retreat and Fired-Up Conference Permission Slip

    • $100.00 (cash or check) for each 2nd Year of Sacrament of Confirmation student – please note that the following fees have been combined and are due in full at the registration appointment :

      • Registration Fee for the year

      • Overnight Retreat Fee (January 11 & 12, 2020)

      • Diocesan Fired-Up Day Fee (February 16, 2020)

Contact us

For more information and to schedule an appointment, contact Ian Emperador at