Liturgy & Devotions

Altar Servers

Parish youth who have received First Holy Communion may join the Altar Server Ministry. Altar Servers are the lay ecclesial ministers who prepare the altar for Holy Mass and who assist the Presider and Deacons during Holy Mass. Altar Servers may also serve at other liturgical celebrations such as baptisms, funerals, weddings, and Eucharistic Exposition and Benediction. Altar Servers are expected to have a deep understanding of the Eucharistic celebration and reverence proper to serving at the altar and to be able to receive Holy Communion.Service begins with an orientation to the ministry and training on the order of the Mass, actions done during Mass, the sacred objects and books, and the prayers of the Mass. Opportunities for continuing formation and training are provided.Youth may serve from elementary through high school.

Art & Environment

The Arts & Environment Ministry enhances and supports the liturgical celebration through decorating the altar and the church. We develop an ongoing program to involve current and new parishioners in our community activities with their specific time, talent and treasure.These ministers have special place in making the liturgy a beautiful and inspiring place to worship. Through their talents and time, they transform a building into worship space using color, art, and flowers

Prayer & Devotions

The Prayers and Devotions Ministry is an extension of the Sacred Liturgy and are Touchstones of Faith. “Devotions” are so pleasing to God that He can refuse nothing to those who practice it. The ministry is dedicated to work and pray for the salvation of souls, for peace and for the Triumph of the Two Hearts. We promote the Devotions among all Catholics, especially young people and families who have not learned the meaning or value of devotions — nor are they aware of the tremendous spiritual and temporal blessings and graces so terribly needed today, which our Lord is willing to shower upon those who have a true love for Him and His Blessed Mother, and who especially respect and venerate the Blessed Sacrament.


The Hospitality ministers set the tone for the celebration. They greet the Assembly as they arrive for Mass, making everyone feel welcome. During the liturgy, the ministers of Hospitality continue their ministry as hosts of the service by finding seats at appropriate times, gathering monetary gifts during collection, choosing the gift bearers at the Offertory, directing the flow of traffic during Communion, and making themselves available for fellowship after Mass.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

In extraordinary circumstances, the Presider at Holy Mass may call upon members of the laity to assist in the administration of Holy Communion. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are those lay ecclesial ministers who have received training to serve at Holy Mass and are in the proper disposition to receive Holy Communion. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are expected to have a deep understanding of the Eucharistic celebration and demonstrate right reverence while serving at Holy Mass. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion may be assigned to a team. Teams are scheduled to serve at the anticipated Sunday Mass, Sunday Masses, and holy days of obligation. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion may also bring Holy Communion to those who are sick. Also called Community Link Ministers, these lay ecclesial ministers must have a pyx, burse, and the Rite of Communion of the Sick.For information, complete a Lay Ecclesial Minister application form available at the Parish Office.

Children’s Liturgy

The Children’s Liturgy captures the attention of young children in a way that will enable them to hear the message, as it would apply to their lives today. During the 10:00 AM Sunday Mass, children in preschool through third grade are dismissed after the opening prayers, where they hear the Sunday readings adapted for their level of understanding. The children return to the church after the prayer of the faithful to rejoin their families.